Z International Production Haulers

Z International Production Haulers

I've worked for many years on location in film, tv, and stage productions...And having lived in every kind of motor home, trailer, or production vehicle; None truly ever suited our production needs. So, we created our own production hauler-designer originals, boasting hand-crafted class, one of a kind whimsy and professional functionality.

Our 550cu.ft. hauler with 42cu.ft front Gear-Locker, and sealed undercarriage enables multiple floor utility lockers lowering c.o.g. and decreasing drag. 1-4 enclosed canopy/awnings pop-out and more than triples working space, creating up to 5 rooms from 1 trailer. The 7.8' vaulted ceiling and framed 2" foam core insulation is enclosed by a seamless textured fiberglass exterior. Interior has an oversized w.c/shower, a roll-out Craft-Service/Kitchenette, pop-out Windoor facilitating load-in and sleeps 1-4 adults comfortably. Choose a 2500-5500lb drop torsion axle with inset or outset wheels, a single or double retractable tongue, incorporated to the lightweight heavy-duty aluminum frame, which can all be pulled by a V6.

We also restore "Vintage" trailers or create your own "Classic" hauler look!

Themed Haulers:

Exterior & Construction:

  • 7x14x6-7.10 peak
  • Lightweight heavy/duty aluminum tube/I-beam frame
  • 2500-5500lbs 4" drop Independent torsion axle
  • Electric brakes & Break-away switch
  • Sealed undercarriage frame
  • Textured seamless shell
  • Stud reinforced 2"insulated foam core walls
  • 1-2 retractable tongue hitches w/ safety chain
  • 42cubic foot up-front watertight storage locker
  • Skylights, vents, oversized windows, & Windoor
  • 25gal. Clean water tank
  • 25gal. Black water tank
  • Designer interiors & 1-4 adult beds/bunks
  • Handcrafted woods & natural materials
  • Oversized custom sink, insta-hot water heater, quality faucets
  • All in one microwave/ broiler/toaster oven
  • Refrigerator , electric stove,
  • 4gal. hot water heater, 3.0gpm water pump, city water bypass
  • 3'x4'x6.5' w.c. sealed heat/steam shower, custom toilet/shower fixtures
  • No-wax linoleum or wood flooring.
  • 2'x7'x18"cedar lined armoire.
Power Supply:
  • Solar power panel
  • 12volt battery and Charging system
  • 1200 watt inverter
  • Surge protector
  • 30-amp power cord
  • 110v gfi protected circuit breaker box
  • 110v int./ext. receptacles
  • Wired a/c, lighting & w.c vent
  • Phone/computer jacks
  • Sound system, tv/antenna
  • A/C, celing fan, space heater, propane fireplace or wood burning stove
  • Dinette, bedding & cabinet/bunks
  • 1-3 canopy rooms
  • Leveling system
  • Exterior custom fenders
  • 1-2 foldout ramps
  • Deck tub

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